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The Year In Review: 2017

My 20th Year In Review caps off a year that should have been better. Musically, politically, and emotionally.
UPDATE 1/21/2018: In an unprecedented move, I'm revising my Top 10 of the year list and moving a few songs to runner up status. Some songs were too good not to include here.

10. The Killers - "The Man"

A disco-glitter nod to David Bowie's "Fame", old-school Vegas, spangled cowboy boots, and fringe. Brandon Flowers is one of the best frontmen in rock music today - one of the very few people under 40 years old who can be classified as a "Rock Star" in capital letters. Try not to dance to this one.

I know the direction, the lay of the land
I know the score like the back of my hand
Them other boys, I don't give a damn

9. Ed Sheeran - "Galway Girl"

Ed can summarize my love for this song as only he can: "They [his record label] were really, really against 'Galway Girl,' because apparently folk music isn't cool. But ther…

The Best Performances of All Time: David Bowie @ Live Aid

I'm beginning a new column where I highlight some of the best live performances in the history of rock music. And this is the performance that inspired me to do so. 
Date: July 31, 1985
Venue: Wembley Stadium, London, England Tour: LIVE AID 
Setlist 1. TVC15 2. Rebel Rebel 3. Modern Love 4. Heroes
There is an elegance, an intimacy about the performance that's almost unheard of from a rockstar with a capital "R". And yet. It's a performance for the ages, reaching past the nosebleeds to the entire world - a billion viewers via satellite. It's the slow build, the hope that we can beat them, just for one day. There's roughly six minutes of perfection before we're brought back down to the dirt, but there's that sweet hope he embodies. And we kissed, as though nothing could fall.
The intimacy comes from the music's driving beat and the synthesized guitars that reach towards heaven. Bowie has the power to make you - yes, you - think he is singing just to y…

Meghan's Best 100 Songs of the 1980's

A few years ago, I came up with a definitive list of the Top 100 Songs of My Life, but why not break it down even further?

The decade of decadence, excess, power ballads, new wave, and the birth of rap.

I chose these songs based on two criteria - their impact on my life and their impact on the world of music in general. Chart performance (or "fame") was taken into account as well, but not a main reason.

1. Skid Row - "I Remember You"
2. Melissa Etheridge – “Like The Way I Do”
3. Huey Lewis & the News- "The Heart of Rock 'N Roll"
4. John Waite – “Missing You”
5. U2 – “With Or Without You”
6. Great White - "Save Your Love"
7. Whitesnake - "Here I Go Again"
8. The Smiths - "Unloveable"
9. Bruce Springsteen - "The River"
10. Bon Jovi - "Stick To Your Guns"

11. Guns N Roses - "Paradise City"
12. Bryan Adams - "One Night Love Affair"
13. Bonnie Tyler - "Total Eclipse Of The Heart"
14. Th…