American Idol Season 15: February 25, 2016

Top 10: Contestant's Choice - February 25, 2016

The Top 10 finalists compete tonight with a double elimination next week.

Olivia Rox - "Unconditionally" (Katy Perry) B/B-
The beginning was beautiful, but the second Olivia took the mic off the stand, her voice veered into this terrible "froggy" sound. She has that in common with Tristan although (unlike Tristan), she has moments of beauty. Olivia is obviously this year's Jax, but without a lot of the edge and daring that made Jax such an interesting contestant.

Gianna Isabella - "Listen" (Dreamgirls musical) C
Not sure why Gianna would decide to tackle such a huge song, most famously sung by Beyonce. Gianna comes off as such a Mariah Carey impersonator in a pageant or a high school talent show. I don't feel anything when she sings. It's all very "Point A to Point B", look here, make this hand gesture, hit this note, do this run. Gianna kind of mangled the ending - not sure she hit the note she was intending to. If she makes it past the double elimination, I'll be shocked and disappointed.

Lee Jean - "Skinny Love" (Bon Iver) C+

Whenever Lee sings, I smile. He clearly has a lane and a style that he has never veered from. Lee's greatest strength is his personality and generally the character he expresses when he sings. I'm afraid that his quiet demeanor will lead him to be eliminated next week.

Avalon Young - "Stitches" (Shawn Mendes) C
Completely the wrong song choice for Avalon. It didn't really go anywhere. Avalon seemed hesitant and a little uncomfortable in a way that we hadn't seen from her. Could this song choice have been influenced (read: chosen for her) by the producers? It's normally a smart idea to take a currently popular song and give it a little bit of a spin, but in this case, it just didn't work. I predict that Avalon's fan base will carry her through one off week; she deserves it.

Dalton Rapattoni - "Hey There Delilah" (Plain White T's) B+
Very Good Charlotte circa 2006. Which is to say I loved it. Dalton is one of the few contestants that has really varied his song choice from week to week and kept it interesting. My prediction (only somewhat tongue in cheek) is that Dalton will win the show and go to star in the Broadway revival of Rock of Ages in 2020.

Tristan McIntosh - "Nothin' Like You" (Dan + Shay) D+
The song was too much of a tongue-twister for poor Tristan. She had a tendency to let the end of her sentences run out of breath and end halfway through completion. The lyrics got completely lost. By her face at the end, I could tell she knew she didn't nail the song.

Mackenzie Bourg - "I See Fire" (Ed Sheeran) A-/B+
Ed Sheeran is not the artist I would have predicted would be covered most on Idol this year! Mackenzie did Ed more justice than Lee has up to this point, however. Mackenzie is dreamy and captivating and the kind of kid I would have fallen in love with in high school.

LaPorscha Renae - "Diamonds" (Rihanna) A

Everything worked about this performance -  the beautiful jewelry, head band, minimalist arrangement, La'Porscha fixed in the middle of the stage at the microphone rather than traveling around the stage, letting her voice speak for herself with her dramatic facial expressions. La'Porscha was the one to beat tonight! Better than Rihanna's original.

Sonika Vaid - "Bring Me To Life" (Evanesence) A-
Sonika burst out of her shell tonight with a very unexpected song choice. Amy Lee has a gorgeous voice and it's hard to do Evanesence justice. I loved the black pageant princess dress which complimented the song perfectly. She went sharp a little bit on some of the lyrics, but I'd rather hear that combined with passion than a perfect, emotionless performance. Sonika's best performance on the show to date!

Trent Harmon - "Like I Can" (Sam Smith) B
Not Trent's best performance, but he can wipe the floor with at least half of the contestants. Trent's voice is one of the most unique. I just want to know if he is still suffering from mono or if he is feeling better!

Best of the night: La'Porscha, Sonika
Worst of the night: Tristan

Prediction: Tristan and Gianna will go home.