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American Idol Season 15: February 24, 2016

Wild Card Round - February 24, 2016 In an unprecedented move, four of the Top 14 singers are advanced "unanimously" by the judges while the remaining 10 singers will compete for America's Votes (TM). Even the description of the show in the TV guide listing is different and more closely mirrors past seasons. So what happened? A last minute change? Tomorrow night, four singers will go home and the Top 10 of Season 15 will be solidified.

Manny Torres - "Master Blaster" (Stevie Wonder) B-
Manny reminds me A LOT of Season 10 contestant Stefano when it comes to stage presence. Manny is fun to watch in the sense that he looks comfortable and "at ease" when he performs - unlike some of the other younger contestants who look like the proverbial deer in headlights. The judges' stone cold reactions during Manny's performance might have sealed his fate. His vocals got a bit lost in the rapid-fire lyrics of this song (which I have always hated).

Gianna Isabe…

American Idol Season 15: February 18, 2016

Top 12 (Night 2) – Duets Round

Past Idol contestants Kellie Pickler (Season 5), Haley Reinhart (Season 10), Chris Daughtry (Season 5), Jordin Sparks (Season 6), and David Cook (Season 7) return to duet with the current contestants!

Amelia Eisenhauser with Kellie Pickler – “Suds In The Bucket” (Sara Evans) This was a hell of a lot of fun. These two were adorable together, a perfect song choice. It’s a shame that this performance will likely get lost in the shuffle tonight. Amelia is very talented and her musicianship lent itself so well to this song.
Kory Wheeler with Haley Reinhart – “Bennie & The Jets” (Elton John) Haley is one of my favorite Idols ever and I was so excited that she was returning to the Idol stage to sing her biggest Idol Moment ™ song! Can I be blamed for wishing she sang it solo? That said, I am curious what Jenn Blosil would have chosen to do if she had been picked to duet with Haley. Kory did a great job on the song and he was the correct choice to pick for the …

American Idol Season 15: February 17, 2016

Top 12 (Night 2): Solo Performances
Shelbie Z – “Work Hard, Play Harder” (Gretchen Wilson) Shelbie is definitely the real deal – a straightforward genuine country girl. This was a great song choice for her and the kind of country anthem I would expect her to sing. Shelbie reminds me a little bit of Wynonna Judd. She was an awesome kick-off to start the show. I’m concerned that her solid performance will get lost amongst showier or more emotional ones.
Manny Tores – “Adventure Of A Lifetime” (Coldplay) It’s no secret that I detest this song and I thought it was a bizarre song choice for Manny. He looks and moves like a star, in the vein of an early Bruno Mars or Enrique Iglesias. While it’s usually advised to pick a song that’s popular on the radio now, it inevitably draws comparison to the original which is literally in everyone’s ears. Manny didn’t improve on the original which I think will lead to his elimination.
Kory Wheeler – “Let It Go” (James Bay) At 27 years old, Kory is one of t…

American Idol: Season 15 - February 11, 2016

Top 12 (Group 1): Duet Night

Past Idol contestants Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina (winner and runner-up, Season 10), Fantasia (winner, Season 3), Ruben Studdard (winner, Season 2), Nick Fradiani (winner, Season 15) and Caleb Johnson (winner, Season 14) return to duet with the first half of the Idol Season 15 Top 24 contestants. 

Emily Brooke with Lauren Alania – “Flat On The Floor” (Carrie Underwood) Although Emily completely bombed her performance last night, she clearly improved with this performance. This duet was full of fun energy and a surprising musical chemistry between the two singers. I was impressed with Lauren’s mentoring of Emily. Advice from someone who has already been through the Idol Machine is invaluable. I’m not sure Emily’s found her lane on the show yet and hopefully Lauren’s advice will push her towards greater success.
Thomas Stringfellow with Nick Fradiani – “Man In The Mirror” (Michael Jackson)  J. Lo summarized this duet by saying “it felt more Nick than Thom…

American Idol Season 15: February 10, 2016

Top 12 Night #1 - February 10, 2016

My first Idol blog post in quite a while but I had to blog about the Final Season!

Tonight's show showed half of the Top 24 performing solo songs, while tomorrow night they will take the stage with a former American Idol contestant.

Stephany Negret – “Mama Knows Best” (Jessie J) Stephany looks so much like Nicole Scherzinger, former lead singer of the Pussycat Dolls. They both have a similar style, voice, and appearance. Nicole has never been able to make it big as a solo artist in the US though, and I think Stephany might follow in her footsteps. While she is a beautiful girl with a big voice, there is something I feel I can’t put my finger on – it’s that I don’t feel a connection between her and the lyrics of the song. To be fair, I am exhausted of hearing “Mama Knows Best” on reality TV singing competitions. I’ve never even heard the original by Jessie J. But I’ve heard dozens of covers, and none of them have ever really made me like the song.