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Year End Recap: The Best Of 2014

2014 was the year I went to 16 concerts and met one of my life-long heroes.

I  got my wish granted with a 3-disc "Super Deluxe Edition" of Bon Jovi's best album, 1988's New Jersey, featuring all the outtakes that would have been on the double-album "Sons of Beaches" if only for that damn record company. I cried hearing the songs I'd only ever heard in 96 kbps quality from MP3s I'd downloaded in 2001.

And hey, the music released this year didn't suck either.

10. Fall Out Boy - "Centuries"

Tailor made for an arena, with handclaps and a thundering chorus. Black and gold and a new found confidence in Pete Wentz's operatic lyrics. The slightest of snarls behind Patrick Stump's fovever youthful voice. Giving the mummified dreams of late 20-somethings a song to sink their teeth into.

The only reason I'm ranking this song at #10 is because it only found its way into my everyday playlist in the last month or so of 2014. Had it been …