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Seven Years Gone: Meeting Richie Sambora of Bon Jovi

I had a difficult time looking adults in the eye as a kid. They talked to my parents about it, thinking me suspicious or just painfully shy, as if that’s a crime. Over time, I guess, some people’s shyness fades as they grow up. I decided to bludgeon the shyness out of me around age 17, until there was nothing left of the person I had been born as. I would reinvent myself as fearless, outgoing, the kind of person who could walk into a room and hold it in her hand. But in my mind, the shyness flickers across my being, the part of me I couldn’t destroy.
When I meet celebrities, I’m drawn back to that elemental part – the one that can’t express myself beyond a few polite words, basic conversation, a shy smile, as long as I am prodded along, a toddler on shaky steps, needing a hand to hold.
I fell in love, the way only a 14 year old girl can, with Bon Jovi. It started with one song and ended in a thousand songs. A Greatest Hits record turned into every CD import single, every interview CD,…