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Jeff LeBlanc Concert Review - February 17, 2014

Back in October, I saw singer-songwriter Jeff LeBlanc open for David Cook at Irving Plaza. Last night, we checked out his hometown show at the Fairfield Theatre Company in Fairfield, CT. First off, this is an amazing little place I'd walked by dozens of times but had no idea it was a music space. I was more than surprised that it was such a cool hybrid of art gallery and performance venue. This place only seats 225 people so you can be assured there really isn't a "bad" seat in the house. The intimate vibe lent itself to way better than average "audience behavior"; no texting or obnoxiously blocking people's views with your cell phone because everyone could see you! In that sense, it was almost like going back in time when people didn't feel the need to record every second of their lives and actually just enjoy live music! But I digress.

It was fascinating to compare how Jeff commanded a big stage and a general admission audience at Irving Plaza pl…