American Idol: Top 3 - May 8, 2013

Top 3 - Jimmy's Choice, Judges' Choice, & Producers' Choice - May 8, 2013

1. Kree Harrison - "Perfect" B

The opening to this song was really gorgeous and interesting to listen to as you could really hear the country tone in Kree's song. And it's not something you'd expect to hear in a rendition of this hit song by Pink. Unfortunately Kree stumbled a bit on the chorus, where the verses were much stronger. I can imagine this was a song choice she never would have chosen on her own (and she admitted as much in the post-performance interview with Ryan), but she did a decent job with it.

2. Candice Glover - "One" A/A-

Candice's tone is so rich and lush; I absolutely love listening to her sing so I can hear what specific and intentional choices she takes with the song. She makes each song her own through her emotional interpretation of the lyrics and melody. Candice really got to soar with this song choice - Jimmy really picked a great one for her. She incorporated the emotion and power in these song lyrics and really took off.

3. Angie Miller - "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" B/B-

This performance from start to finish was sleepy for me after the electrifying performance by Candice. While her voice sounded beautiful and pure, I didn't really like the song or her delivery of it. Angie's tone slipped into being unpleasant when she hit some of the higher notes.

4. Candice - "Next To Me" B

While "Next To Me" by Emile Sande is one of my favorite new songs on the radio right now, this song choice failed to produce a "wow" moment for Candice. While of course she sang it magnificently, it paled in comparison to the other Round 2 song choices. Keith was right that she delivered the first few lines in a conversational tone, really drawing in the listener. But I was lost a bit at the "clapping" part of the song - she really picked it up again after that inane clapping stopped!

5. Angie - "Try" A

I love this song and I LOVE that Angie finally let go with the song, embraced her rocker side, stopped making eyes at the camera, and really had fun with the performance. Finally she brought to life a "mid-uptempo" song and sold it believably. It was a fun and very sexy performance where she almost felt like the lead singer in the band. I absolutely loved this and I can't wait to post the YouTube video once the American Idol Official Channel puts it up. 


6. Kree - "Here Comes Goodbye" A+

I am not ashamed to admit I cried for a solid 15 minutes watching Kree's hometown visit video as well as her beautiful performance of this Rascal Flatts song. This is so heartfelt, emotional, moving, and absolutely gorgeously sung. She really told a story with her voice, note choices, and delivery and it was amazing.

Try not to cry while watching this:

And Kree's performance:

7. Angie - "Maybe" B/B-

This was not the Idol Moment (TM) she needed for her last performance on the Idol Stage before the 2013 Finale. It distracted me that she didn't seem to be playing the piano at all for at least the first half of the song. I thought the song was sort of cloying in a way (or maybe it was Angie's delivery which seemed a bit strained at parts). Solid but not great. 

8. Kree - "Better Dig Two" B+

At first I loved this song choice for Kree. I'd never heard the song before and it was catchy and uptempo. But upon further reflection, I think it soldified my thoughts that the Idol Producers want Kree to be a distinct 3rd place finisher. She is not as dynamic as Candice and not as "marketable" (whatever that means) as Angie. Idol voters don't really like things that have an edgy lyrical content like this - and sometimes they vote based on last impressions. I think Kree would have been much better off with her last impression being "Here Comes Goodbye" which was an absolutely amazing performance.

9. Candice - "Somewhere" A+

I love how she started in a subtle but gorgeous way with the song and as the emotion built, her voice built and grew as well. This was truly an Idol Moment (and the only true one of the Final 3 performances). Candice earned her place in the finale with this song (as if she hadn't all season - duh!) Unbelievable. Candice is a master class in singing perfection.


Candice's Best: "Somewhere"
Angie's Best: "Try"
Kree's Best: "Here Comes Goodbye"