American Idol: Top 7 - April 3, 2013

Classic Rock, No Ballads - April 3, 2013

This is going to be a quick post since I am packing for my ski trip to Vermont! That said, I was extremely excited to see this week's theme. Would my very high expectations be met?

1. Burnell Taylor - "You Give Love A Bad Name" C+

Burnell seemed to be singing too slow for the song, and as Randy pointed out, was behind the beat for the song's duration. It was great to hear the grit in his voice which seemed perfect for a rock 'n roll song. However, the execution was pretty lacking. Burnell's performance was awkward to watch since he didn't have the right amount of energy the song required.

Angie & Lazaro - "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" D+

I must admit, I absolutely HATE this song. I love Queen, but this song has never done it for me and actively irritates me. Lazaro sang too softly to start off the song and then forgot his lyrics (again). I can't even count how many times he's forgotten his lyrics and it's past the point of irritating. Neither of them sounded good. 

2. Kree Harrison - "Piece Of My Heart" A-/B+

I would have loved to hear Kree sing "Cry Baby" or "Me & Bobby McGee" if we're talking about Janis Joplin songs. There were some beautiful moments in the song, yet it seemed underwhelming at times. It made a lot more sense to find out Kree was playing hurt with a pinched nerve which explains it! She is a true professional and always embodies her song choices.

Burnell & Candice - "The Letter" A

I ADORE this song and was actually listening to the perfect version of this song earlier - Carly Smithson & Michael John's A+++ performance (embedded below). While Burnell and Candice's version could not quite compare, it was still a lot of fun to watch and the best performance of the night up to this point! When doing the song as a duet, chemistry is important and these two really got that aspect of it right.

3. Janelle Arthur - "You May Be Right" A/A-

Janelle was one of my two favorites on the night! I was really surprised how naturally she performed on this Billy Joel track. She performed with energy and her voice sounded beautiful. After she stumbled a bit on her past uptempo ("Gone"), it was great to see her really shine here.

4. Lazaro Arbos - "We Are The Champions" D+

As I wrote in my notes, "OH GOD NO!" I feel like he's not even trying anymore. It felt like a victory that he just made it through the song and didn't forget the lyrics. At this point in the competition, he is way overmatched by the other contestants (and even some of the ones who went home, or who were evicted in the Hollywood rounds). The arrangement and his singing did not line up harmoniously at all. How tight are those pants and how long are those eyelashes?

Janelle, Amber, and Kree - "It's Still Rock 'N Roll To Me" C+

If I was 16 (and let's be real, what's changed?), I would DIE to wear Amber's outfit. I would probably take scissors to my ripped jeans in an attempt to make this outfit and fail miserably. Her outfit was by far and away the best thing about this performance which was oddly arranged. The girls jumped in on each other's lines in a way that sounded choppy. Nicki was right when she said it was cheesy and not that enjoyable.

5. Candice Glover - "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" B+

It wasn't my favorite song choice for her. Of all the rock 'n roll songs I would have loved to see her cover, this wouldn't have been on my list. She sang the hell out of it, but she has performed much better in past weeks.

6. Amber Holcomb - "What About Love" A

Amber absolutely killed this song. Anything by Heart innately carries a high degree of difficulty for a singer.  I definitely heard aspects of Whitney Houston in her voice. It fell a little flat in the first chorus compared to her strong beginning, but she recovered quickly.  Everything about this performance worked - the arrangement, vocal, staging, fashion.

7. Angie Miller - "Bring Me To Life" B-/C+

This was a truly strange performance and I'm really not sure how to judge it or what to make of it. It was (of course) very theatrical. I think it would have worked if she had stayed at the piano and arranged the song a bit differently, but it quickly spiraled into something I'm still trying to make sense of!! Didn't love it or hate it, but I had a strong reaction!

Best of the night: Amber
Worst of the night: Lazaro