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American Idol: Top 8 - March 27, 2013

American Idol: Top 8 - March 27, 2013

Tonight's theme is technically "Songs From The Motor City", which translates into Motown. I grew up on the music of Motown so this could be a very promising theme in my opinion.

1. Candice Glover - "I Heard It Through The Grapevine" A/A-

Candice gave the song a jazzy, ad-libbed feel which was absolutely perfect, and kept this oft-performed Idol song from turning into standard karaoke. I loved the new, horn-heavy arrrangement which allowed Candice to settle into the song. I always believe Candice when she sings - which sounds like a no-brainer, but is actually rare amongst Idol contestants. This year isn't as heavy on the teenage contestants, but in years past, many of the contestants have come off very pagent-like and practiced, rather than musicians who are feeling the emotions of what they sing.

Group Performance #1 - Janelle & Kree - "Like A Prayer" B/B-

Sort of an odd song choice here, which came off a …

American Idol: Top 9 - March 20, 2013

March 20, 2013: Top 9 - Lennon-McCartney Songbook

1. Kree Harrison - "With A Little Help From My Friends" A

I love the choices Kree makes with her phrasing, with her notes, with everything about her singing. She put a country feel on the song that was perfect in its intensity - not too subtle but not overwhelming. Kree makes her singing looking effortless (no easy task at her skill level) and infuses all her song choices with unbridled emotion that is never overdone or false. I also love the rock-inspired makeover she's been given - she is on her way to being a huge star. I love to see an "Idol Journey TM" unfold on the show. I can't wait to hear the original material Kree will hopefully record.

2. Burnell Taylor - "Let It Be" A-/B+

Burnell has really grown on me over the past 2 weeks. I find myself always intrigued by his vocal, listening carefully to all of the inflections and tone. There were a few unpleasant notes in Burnell's cover of "…

American Idol: Top 10 - March 13, 2013

Top 10 - "Songs From The Idol Winners" - March 13, 2013

The journey continues! This is my 5th consecutive year blogging American Idol and I'm still more excited than ever to do it. This year's judging panel has been a welcome change from the sleepy panels of the past 3 seasons. I had no idea what to expect at the outset of the season, but all 3 new judges have brought something different to the table and have managed insightful or at least interesting critiques. Even Randy has offered a few nuggets of wisdom in between "she wants it, Ryan!", "in it to win it", and "you can sing anything". So I'm hopeful for this season and hoping that Candice, Angela, or Kree will be the last one standing.

Tonight's theme featured the current contestants singing songs that were either by or had been performed by past Idol winners while they were on the show. The represented idols tonight were Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Scotty McCreery, Kelly Cla…