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Nashville Soundtrack

One of the biggest surprises for me this television season has been the success of Nashville (ABC, Wednesday nights at 10 PM). Not only as an entertaining TV show that incorporates both camp and drama, but as a captivating musical entity.

Apparently I have purchased 18 (!) songs from the Nashville Cast off of iTunes - here's a list of my favorites.

"If I Didn't Know Better" (Episode 1: Pilot)

This song, a cover of the Civil Wars, instantly put this show on the map. The subdued guitar allows Sam and Clare's voices to take center stage and inflect a lot of personality and emotion into the song. It's all slow burning chemistry and candlelight with a hint of subversive sadness.  It works perfectly as a duet, each one willing the other to lead them into temptation.

"Love Like Mine" (Episode 1: Pilot)

The first song by Hayden Paniettiere's character Juliette Barnes, who is meant to be a Carrie Underwood/Taylor Swift hybrid (with a dash of Miranda La…