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For all those believers...Ten More Amazing Bruce Springsteen Songs

After seeing Bruce Springsteen for the first time on September 21, 2012 at Giants Stadium, it's official: I believe. A friend of mine recently told me that if you Google "Bruce Springsteen concert religious experience", it will come up with millions of hits. And that's because it truly is. From the gospel singers to the raised hands of the faithful and the overall aura of awe and happiness, I feel like I reached another, deeper level of humanity that night.

And in honor of that amazing night, here - as a follow up to my May 7, 2009 post of the Top 10 Bruce Springsteen songs - are ten additional songs that have touched my soul over the past 3 years.

1. American Land
Wrecking Ball, 2012

This is a song not to be missed, simply put. The reason why this was left as an iTunes only bonus track for Wrecking Ball is a travesty I will never comprehend. I have posted the Glastonbury 2009 live version below as it is a perfect representation of the concert I went to - high-energ…