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Top 20 Best American Idol Performances - Season 11

20. Philip Philips - "U Got It Bad" (Top 7 Redux)
Original Grade: A-
April 18, 2012 

Seductive and subversive.
"He pushed himself on parts and drew back on other parts - the perfect give-and-take for this performance. The way he dropped his voice on "messed around" expressed the shame and desperation of the lyrics. It definitely felt like an interlude at his concert. With the right material, I think Philip has a great touring career ahead of him."

19. Philip Philips - "Give A Little More" (Top 7)
Original Grade: A-
April 11, 2012

"I was glad to see that Philip looked like he was having FUN FOR ONCE! He brings an angry energy to each song, even when the lyrics don't demand it. I thought he brought a better, sexier tone to the song than the original. One of my favorite performances from Philip, whose consistency is turning into complacency quickly. If Philip wants to follow in the footsteps of Kris, Lee, and Scotty, I think he needs a…