Alex Clare - "Too Close": Top Songs of 2012

The song "Too Close" by Alex Clare is only the second song I've heard all year (after "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men) that is an inevitable lock for my Top 10 Songs Of 2012 list.

It's quickly shot up to my Top 25 iTunes Most Played list - phenomenal considering I've only added it 6 days ago. And yet, I haven't gotten burned out on "Too Close" - there is something layered about the song, something new that I discover and rediscover each time I listen.

This song has come out of nowhere to rocket up the iTunes charts and is prominently featured in a new commercial for Windows & Internet Explorer.

I'd say my initial attraction to the song was based on the juxtaposition between music and lyrics. To my chagrin, it's been a long time since I've heard an upbeat, electronic-based song that has thematic material not consumed with drinking and going to the club.

You know I'm not one to break promises  
I don't want to hurt you but I need to breathe  
At the end of it all, you're still my best friend 
But there's something inside that I need to release 

The song pulsates with urgency and explodes into a thudding dubstep breakdown on the chorus.  The lyrics are desperate and sad, about a breakup between two lovers who have over time cooled to friendship. The musicality expresses the nuts and bolts of technology, all blips and synthesizer. But the lyrics are passionate and heartbreakingly honest. 

It is literally like nothing I have ever heard before. 
It is one of the most singularly perfect songs of 2012, undoubtedly.


Yankee Talk said…
This song started off extremely slow for me, but it got quite good as it progressed. Very interesting lyrics too :)