Martika - "Love...Thy Will Be Done" - a forgotten classic

Martika's Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 hit has been forgotten somewhere in the passage of the sands of time. A shame, because this song should be designated unforgettable. Lyrics written by Prince, and vocals by former Kids Incorporated star Martika.

One of the most powerful songs about love ever written, a testament to resigning yourself to another person. The song has to speak of unrequited love because the luster fades as reality settles in and the closer you approach, the more flaws you can see. But oh, those perfect moments when you love someone only from afar, from a pedestal they have no hope of ever living up to, and you know you can see your whole world in their eyes. A song about giving into the feelings that threaten to overtake you at any moment and finding the satisfaction in no longer resisting.

Oh no longer can I resist the guiding light
The light that gives me the power to keep up the fight
I couldn't be more satisfied
Even when there's no peace outside my window
There is peace inside

The lyrics by themselves are nothing revolutionary, but its the driving beat and Martika's elevated, angelic voice that is what lends the song such a power. The way the coda builds is unparalleled by any song I've heard before or since. Just an epic, gorgeous song.

Of course, there is a strong religious element to the song that becomes apparent to me upon reading the lyrics. But my initial interpretation of the song doesn't follow that framework, so I'll choose to ignore it for the purpose of this blog post. That's the beauty of songs - they are consistently open to interpretation by the listener.

And just for fun, an awesome cover of Corey Hart's "Never Surrender" by Martika from Kids Incorporated.


Yankee Talk said…
What an interesting post :) This song is pretty good after listening to it once. Reminds me of Viva Forever a little!