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2011: Year In Review

For the first time this year, I am going to take into account my iTunes total plays for the year as well as my opinion. Why not right? Moving into the 21st century, or something.

10. Bruno Mars - "It Will Rain"

Achingly gorgeous. The kind of song I never expected out of Bruno Mars, whose catalog of songs I entirely do not care for. The song sounds like it is being sung through fog in hot rain. I find something stylistically brave in it, in the sense the song doesn't sound like any of his previous work or anything else on the radio.

9. Sebastian Bach - "As Long As I Got The Music"

An anthem for anyone who ever heard the music & believed. Sebastian released a contender for Album of the Year in my opinion back in September and this is one of the best songs on it. There were other songs I loved equally on the album but this one got the edge because of its lyrical content.

8. Lights Over Paris featuring Game - "I'm Not A Gangsta"

Every year, I have to…