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Songs I've Been Playing Obsessively

Benjamin Francis Leftwich - "Atlas Hands" (2011)

This gorgeous, all-too-short song reminds me of every song I ever listened to in college - slow, slightly distorted, achingly gorgeous. The perfect soundtrack for a cigarette & sadness that can't be extinguished.

Ryan Star - "Start A Fire" (2010)

Why Ryan Star is not the star (haha) he deserves to be is a mystery I can't figure out. His song "Breathe" was a mild hit and I believe it was featured as the Free Song Of The Week on iTunes. His debut album 11:59 is lush and full. It is a complete debut in a way that I haven't beared witness to in a long time - the lyrics are unbelievable, the instrumentation is fresh, and there is something tough and simultaneously vulnerable about his voice.

New Found Glory - "Summer Fling, Don't Mean A Thing" (2011)

Another song featured as the Free Song Of The Week on iTunes and thank God it was. This song has quickly risen its way into the Top 25 Most…