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The Top 10 Best Reality Show Performances Of All Time

10. Carly Smithson & Michael Johns, "The Letter" (American Idol, 2008)

It is a complete and total shame that Carly and Michael didn't finish higher in American Idol's Season 7 - but it was a season filled with talent in a way that hasn't really been mirrored since and, of course, someone had to go home each week. They reunited on the live finale show for this cover of the Box Tops' 1967 hit and sang the hell out of it - and made it FUN, something that is rarely genuine and all too often manufactured on the reality show stage. Their voices blend perfectly and make me wish that they recorded a CD of duets.

9. David Cook - "Billie Jean"(American Idol, 2008)

Haunting and subversive - the performance that launched the beginning of a new era of guys-and-guitars on American Idol. But you'd be hard-pressed to find any performance that followed this one that could even come close to matching its quiet ferocity. The sense that you are watching a true…

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