American Idol Season 10 - Top 2: May 24, 2011

Top 2 - May 24, 2011

So here it is, the culmination of 100,000 auditions, the devastating cuts of some astoundingly talented people, 400 proclamations of "IN IT TO WIN IT" by Randy Jackson, and almost a billion text messaging votes by people who have AT&T. The Scotty & Lauren finale.

Contestants picked their favorite performance of the season to sing first, the contestants' idols picked their second songs, and the third song was their potential first single.

1. Scotty McCreery - "Gone" A

This was definitely my favorite Scotty performance of the season; it's the kind of song that sticks in your head long after you hear it. I have never heard the original version by Montgomery Gentry so I have a feeling Scotty's voice will be the one I always associate with this song. I enjoyed "Gone" more the first time around but still a worthy performance tonight. A perfect song choice for Scotty to remind the viewers that he has been solid, if not fascinating, all season.

2. Lauren Alaina - "Flat On The Floor" B+

I loved the entrance, with Lauren slowly rising on the platform and descending down the magestic stair case. Definitely not the song choice I would have picked for Lauren's "best of the season". I am sure no one remembers them now but her "Turn On The Radio" and "I'm The Only One" were vastly superior, and for sure her best performances of the year! For all the drama surrounding Lauren having lost her voice, there were only two parts of the song where it sounded like she was struggling.

3. Scotty McCreery - "Check Yes Or No" B

A perfect cheeseball song choice for Scotty, yet it disappointed when compared to the similar lyrical content of "Are You Gonna Kiss Me Or Not" from last week. This is the kind of song I can picture Scotty having on his record. Who knows, maybe he'll do a cover of it? More hamming it up courtesy of Scotty's eyebrows - what, it wouldn't be a finale without them!!! While this was a decent performance, I can't lie, it sort of bored me. I didn't like the arrangement of the song either.

4. Lauren Alaina - "Maybe It Was Memphis" A

Carrie Underwood chose an amazing song for Lauren - one that I didn't know at all but fell in love with instantly. Lauren did some interesting things with her voice throughout this one - drawing it back to whisper and pushing it forward on the line "sitting there looking at you". I felt some of the emotion we have been lacking from her all season in this performance. I am not sure what I felt about the bedazzled (TM) tutu dress with coffee colored cowboy boots, however.

5. Scotty McCreery - "I Love You This Big" B-

I truthfully just do not like this song - the melody, the lyrical content, the supposedly swooping chorus. I am positive Scotty could have done better with another song that so clearly wasn't trying to pander to the "I'm just a small time country boy with not much experience" narrative Nigel & Friends have set up the whole season. Scotty's voice also didn't seem to reach the heights intended on the "big" choruses. Big, get it? HA. No. I also love the "BIG" hand gestures Scotty employed on this song. Excellent.

6. Lauren Alaina - "Like My Mother Does" A

Fascinatingly, Ryan Seacrest failed to mention that this song is off Season 7 Contestant Kristy Lee Cook's first album. Wouldn't that have been an interesting fact for those of us who have followed Idol for many years? OF COURSE. Ugh. Anyway, back to Lauren's performance. Lauren, again, infused this song with a lot of raw emotion that was beautiful (as Steven might say, and probably did say after this performance). I thought Lauren might have a chance of winning it all with this song.

Overall, Lauren was better in her performances, but didn't we all know she stood no chance against "Scotty The Body"?

It's been a great season everyone! Now counting down the days to Season 11.


Yankee Talk said…
Now counting down the days until our trip to Vegas!! Just 15 now :) I hope DJ won, I don't even know who won.
Yankee Talk said…
Where is your latest blog?! I check regularly in anticipation of seeing a new post :)
Meghan said…
Wow that is so funny you wrote just a few days ago. I just sat down to write a new one as we trying to think of a topic!