Year End Wrap Up: 2002

The hardest year of my life and one I try my best not to remember. But, musically speaking, it might just be the year I solidified who I am and the music I would listen to for the rest of my life. I fell in love with guitars, three chords, and the truth.

Top 10 Songs Released In 2002

10. Nick Carter - "Do I Have To Cry For You"

A largely forgotten but pretty ballad off Nick Carter's solo album. Nick was always my favorite Backstreet Boy, with a pure, sort of sophomoric type of voice. A great song I still like.

9. Incubus - "Are You In"

Very ethereal and slightly drug-soaked, with a simple drum beat and lyrics that mean nothing and everything. This one reminded me of red lights dripping down walls of velvet. The first song on my infamous Summer 2003 Mix, back when I went through a vague sort of Incubus phase and had a mad crush on Brandon Boyd.

8. Christina Aguilera - "I'm OK"

A heartbreaking and aching song by Ms. Aguilera off her immensely awesome album "Stripped" which came out in 2002. The power in her voice is very understated in this song and every word just drips with regret and sadness. Beautiful and mesmerizing.

7. justincase - "Don't Cry For Us"

A completely forgotten song that was a mild hit on MTV at the time. You know it's really forgotten when no one has uploaded the video on to YouTube...I could only find this audio-only video. Looking back, I find it odd that I ranked this song so high on my Top 10 of the year but I still do like it.

6. The Donnas - "Take It Off"

The Donnas released an incredible album of party anthems called "Spend The Night" in 2002 and this was the lead single. Brash, sexy, unapologetic, with the right mix of spit-in-your-face and pretty. Looking back on this, I'm surprised I didn't include my personal favorite off the CD, "Too Bad About Your Girl" on my Top 10 list.

5. Bruce Springsteen - "The Fuse"

Slow burning and sexy, from one of Bruce's best albums, "The Rising", which was one of my favorites at the time. Almost 10 years after the terriorist attacks on September 11, this album still holds up as one of resilience and a nation attempting to rebuild itself to the soundtrack of the man that voiced the power and heartbreak of America itself, the Boss.

4. Sugarcult - "Pretty Girl (The Way)"

To this day, this song still reminds me of late nights in the dark listening to this on WinAmp. Another song off this Top 10 list that made it onto Summer 2003 Mix. A few years later, Sugarcult would go on to release one of my favorite songs of that year, "Memory", but for now, 2002 and this song will always be linked in my mind.

3. Bret Michaels - "One More Day"

Bret wrote this song after September 11, one of the most beautiful songs to come after the tragedy. It hit home for me that year. The kind of song that brings me to tears 9 years later. The quiet acoustic vibe of this song allows the painful lyrics to ring through, bright and clear. Looking back, I should have ranked this song as the #1 song of 2002, both for its meaning and quiet beauty.

2. Matchbox 20 - "Disease"

Most people don't know this song was co-written by Mick Jagger. Fun fact! I have never heard another song that resembles this one in any way, which is rare in this day and age. This one resonated with me in 2002. Everyone has that person that "left a stain on every one of my good days" and in 2002, in my most lovestruck moments, I had two of them. Rob Thomas's enunciation and phrasing in this song is phenomenal, making it one of their most memorable songs.

1. Bon Jovi - "All About Lovin' You"

One of my favorite songs released off the "Bounce" album, except for the immensely unique "Right Side Of Wrong" which I maybe should have included here, in hindsight. One of the classic Bon Jovi power ballads for the 00's!

Some of the albums I listed as my favorites this year included:

~ Matchbox 20, "Mad Season"
~ Motley Crue, "Girls Girls Girls"
~ Guns 'N Roses, "Appetite For Destruction"
~ Bon Jovi, "Bounce"
~ Nirvana, "Greatest Hits"
~ Bruce Springsteen, "Greatest Hits"


Yankee Talk said…
This is quite a unique list covering different genres! Of course that is not surprising since many songs are your favorite or your jam! The Bret Michaels song is pretty good, I had not heard this one before.