2010: Year In Review

Top 10 Songs of 2010

10. Mike Posner - "Cooler Than Me"

One of my most-played songs of 2010. The best song Justin Timberlake never recorded. While no one can really replace JT, while he's off acting and actively not recording a follow up to "Future Sex/Love Sounds", I'll take Mike Posner and this killer song.

9. Lifehouse - "All In"

This is exactly the kind of song I would have listened to over and over again in 2002. And trust me, that is a compliment. A gorgeously shot video in the vein of older Incubus and Our Lady Peace videos from the early 2000's. Lifehouse is one of those bands you really don't think of that often, but they continue to release amazing songs that become hits while staying fully under the radar ("You And Me", "Broken", "Spin", and the #1 song of 2001 as named by Billboard's year end chart, "Hanging By A Moment"). I'd say they don't make 'em like this anymore, but this is clear evidence that they do.

8. Kanye West - "All Of The Lights"

Pure rap genius. Featuring Rihanna, Elton John, Alicia Keys, Common, Fergie, The Dream, Tony Williams, Kid Cudi, John Legend, Ryan Leslie, Charlie Wilson, and Elly Jackson. Who ever heard of one song featuring that many people? NO ONE. And that's why it's genius. The Rihanna hook is genius and the Elton John outro is genius. There is just no other word. I could do without the Fergie cameo though. Just saying.

7. Methods of Mayhem - "Time Bomb"

It is clear that Methods of Mayhem have come a long way since they featured Fred Durst and Lil Kim in one of the worst songs I have ever heard. I probably never would have heard this song - their first single since 1999 - if I hadn't seen their performance on Jay Leno. One of the best lyrics of the year in the first verse - "Over again it plays / I'm not scared to face the wreckage of my younger ways". Tommy Lee finally grows up (sort of) at 48 and the result is amazing.

6. Adam Lambert - "If I Had You"

This song, and especially the video, is a fierce glitter apocalypse. Also included on the Top 10 because it contains an obviously essential line to any party: "got my boots on, got the right amount of leather, and I'm doing me up in a black kohl liner." I wouldn't dream of partying in a debauchery soaked forest any other way. Probably the most fun glam song of the year from one of the most underrated and amazing albums I have heard in a long time ("For Your Entertainment", 2009).

. JTX - "(I'm Gonna) Party Like A Rock Star"

While the edited version is nowhere near as fun as the unedited, both versions of this song are pretty awesome. This song gained popularity on Sirius HITS 1 but not on the Billboard Hot 100 sadly. The kind of party anthem that could have been written in 1989, 1999, or 2009. And that is one of the greatest compliments I can give. And it features probably the best lyric of 2010, "I guarantee you Steven Tyler wouldn't put up with crap like this." The unedited version is below.

4. Sean Kingston & Justin Bieber - "Eenie Meenie"

Every year I have to include some kind of slightly embarassing song for my best of the year list. (Don't forget in 2008 I included "Fashion" by Heidi Montag on my top 10 songs of the year. Don't forget.) Much to my disappointment, this duet didn't become the hit I had hoped, although it did reach #15 on the Hot 100. The lyrics are completely nonsensical and I don't care. I too dismissed this song at first, but give it a chance. It will grow on you - like a fungus.

3. Deadmau5 f. Rob Swire - "Ghosts N Stuff"

If one song can inspire me to an entire blog post and basically define the soundtrack of my favorite book of all time, it more than deserves to be here. See my thoughts here.

2. The Pretty Reckless - "Make Me Wanna Die"

I played this song on repeat quite frequently towards the end of 2010. The song and the video are intoxicating. A real rock song.

1. Enrique Iglesias f. Pitbull - "I Like It"

It is only once in a very long while that a definitive summer anthem like this song comes along. This is the kind of song that I will be able to listen to in 10 years and be instantly taken back to driving down 95 in my brand new car with the windows down. This is the kind of song you fist pump to in dingy college bars and love every second of it. Far and away the best song of the year.

Honorable mentions:

~ Timbaland f. Katy Perry - "If We Ever Meet Again"
~ Taylor Swift - "Back To December"
~ Miley Cyrus - "Can't Be Tamed"
~ Nick Carter & Jennifer Paige - "Beautiful Lie"
~ Greyson Chance - "Waiting Outside The Lines"

~ Pitbull f. T-Pain - "Hey Baby (Drop It To The Floor)"
~ Nelly - "Just A Dream"
~ Jason Derulo - "What If"
~ Diddy Dirty Money - "Coming Home"

~ Florence and the Machine - "Dog Days are Over"

~ Sugarland -"Stuck Like Glue"
~ Clay Walker - "She Won't Be Lonely Long"

~ Antoine Dodson - "Bed Intruder"


Yankee Talk said…
Even though I don't know or like most of these songs, I still enjoy reading your comments about them. And in reference to the one where you say who has heard of a song with that many featured people in it, what about We Are The World?!?! GREAT SONG!!!! My top 10, in no order and randomly off the top of my head include:

Taylor Swift - Innocent & Mine
Kesha - We Are Who We Are
Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say
Miley Cyrus - Party In The U.S.A.
Eminem - I'm Not Afraid
Lady Antebellum - Need You Now (Don't ask why but this song is addicting, grows on you kind of like a fungus :p)

A bunch of others I can't think of right now, but those are songs I pretty much listen to on a daily basis.