American Idol Season 9 - Top 3: May 18, 2010

Top 3 - Judges and Contestants Choices Week
: May 18, 2010

Casey James - "OK It's Alright With Me" C+

For some reason, this didn't strike a chord with me. The song was unfamiliar and by the ever-so-annoying Eric Hutchinson. Whenever I think of him, I picture him bopping along more awkwardly than a 7th grader at his first middle school dance in the horrid video for "Rock 'N Roll" (which is probably the least rock 'n roll thing this side of Clay Aiken). Casey's voice is great and has a lovely tone, but this song did nothing for it. The backup singers sounded strange on the track, particularly to the end.

Crystal Bowersox - "Come To My Window" B+

In stark contrast to both of Casey's songs, Crystal took on a personal favorite song of mine, by one of my all time favorite singer-songwriters, Melissa Etheridge. And how did she do? In my opinion, she did pretty well. I don't get the same desperation and aching you hear in all of Melissa's songs from Crystal but she certainly was impressive.

Lee Dewyze - "Simple Man" A-

Probably one of the more interesting song choices of the night, and a song I didn't know previously, but a band I did (Lynyrd Skynyrd). The guitar sounded a little "Stairway To Heaven"-esque, and it worked. Of course. It was clear that Lee connected with the song entirely and it made all the difference in the world. This is the kind of music he should make.

Casey James - "Daughters" B-

OH NO. Another insipid song by one of my least two favorite musicians ever - John Mayer. That said, this song is particularly hated by me. Casey greatly improved on the original, but I really couldn't get over my hatred of the song and the original artist. Casey strikes me as much more of a rocker type than either Eric Hutchinson or John Mayer, and he did himself a disservice by selecting the first song. We can argue conspiracy theory for the selection of the second song, but it would be a futile effort. Sadly, everyone with estrogen loves this awful song and its cloying message.

Crystal Bowersox - "Maybe I'm Amazed" A-

First and foremost, the thing I will remember about this performance is how Crystal did not change the lyrics to suit her gender. It was a bold and risky move and it paid didn't distract from the song, but added to it. Also, I was very glad to see she put down the guitar and focused on the emotion of the song. She sang with passion and ferocity

Lee Dewyze - "Hallelujah" A+

This is the moment where Lee Dewyze won American Idol Season 9. No, we did not vote dozens of times for him for his just-ok-for-me-dawg performance of "Beautiful Day" the following week in the Top 2, or for his less-passionate-than-the-first time performance of "The Boxer" that same week. And I can't even remember what the other song was. This is the moment that was in the back of our minds when we picked up the phone to dial the familiar digits we'd been calling all season. 1 - 866 - IDOLS - 0 Whatever. This was the moment where the lights bathed him in a gorgeous glow, backup singers descended from God-knows-where, and he had one of the very very few "Idol Moments" (TM) of the season. Gorgeous. A revelation. Thank you Lee Dewyze for restoring my faith in American Idol. (Like I'll ever stop watching anyways).

Check out the audio and video over at : You would be doing yourself a disservice not to.

Best of the night: Lee - "Hallejuah"
Worst of the night: Casey - "OK It's Alright With Me"


Yankee Talk said…
Wonderful description of Hallelujah :) I actually listened to it and enjoyed it very much. Great post!
Meghan said…
I am so glad you liked it! See, American Idol is not all bad :)