American Idol Season 9 - Top 5: May 4, 2010

Frank Sinatra Week - Top 5: May 4, 2010

Aaron Kelly - "Fly Me To The Moon" B+

Considering Aaron was a bit out of his element in this genre, he did a solid job with the song. It was a pretty, cute performance. He has come a long way in terms of confidence since the semifinals, where Aaron seemed a bit like a fish out of water trying to compete with people 10 years older than him (which he was!) He had really nice pronunciation with this song, when so many slur the words together to the point where you can't understand the lyrics.

Casey James - "Blue Skies" B-

Casey looked like a lost lamb without his guitar, which I don't think bodes too well for his future career. As an artist, you have to be flexible and you may not always have access to whatever it is that keeps you in your comfort zone. Listening to the performance sounds better than watching it, where the awkwardness unfortunately shows through a bit. It's not the kind of performance I'd listen to again. If it was Andrew Garcia, I would have given this performance a C+ but I like Casey.

Crystal Bowersox - "Summer Wind" B+

A jazzy, confident performance by Crystal, although her vocals came out a bit breathy in the first part of the song. I could picture her singing this at a jazz piano bar. She got a lot more confident and stronger in the last part of the song. She did inflect a lot of emotion into the song

Michael Lynche - "The Way You Look Tonight" A-

Big Mike did a great job with this, it pains me a bit to admit it. This is the perfect kind of song for him - a slow but jazzy R&B number. Of course it's a little bit over the top, but what else would you expect from Big Mike? The last note was great and this definitely earned him another week in the competition.

Lee Dewyze - "That's Life" A

Incredible. Sexy. Far and away, my pick to win it all. I absolutely can not wait to see what kind of CD Lee releases. I loved the dynamic between him and guest mentor Harry Connick Jr. It was amazing to see what he did with a theme that may have taken him out of his comfort zone (ie: no guitar) and made it completely his own. Casey could have learned a lot from Lee tonight (and I say that with love, Casey).

Best of the night: Lee
Worst of the night: Casey