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American Idol Season 9 - Top 11: March 23, 2010

Top 11 - Billboard Hot 100 #1 Hits Week - March 23, 2010
At least this year, they narrowed down the theme from everyone's favorite, the disastrous "Top Downloads". Still, sometimes having themes this broad (how many #1 hits have there been in Billboard's history?) can prove dangerous. And tonight, it did.

Lee Dewyze - "The Letter" (originally by the Box Tops) B+

I LOVE this song. I must say Lee's version was not the best I've heard of it, but I give him props for choosing a great song and doing something solid with it. Which is more than I can say for some of these other contestants. However, for a truly fantastic version of "The Letter", you HAVE to check out the Michael Johns/Carly Smithson duet which they performed live in Season 8 at some results show or other. It blows the mind. The second half of Lee's performance definitely shone brighter than the first.

Paige Miles - "Against All Odds" (originally by Phil Collins)C+

I r…

American Idol Season 9 - Top 12: March 16, 2010

Top 12 - Rolling Stones Week - March 16, 2010

Yes, it is back, my weekly recap of American Idol. I missed writing it. For some reason I want to start this entry the way Randy Jackson would, "yo yo dawg, look, season nine, alright, it's going to be HOT". But I won't.

Anyway, it was Rolling Stones week, which is sort of an interesting choice for a show like American Idol. Since the Stones are definitively one of the greatest RNR bands of all time, I was intrigued to see what the contestants could do with their catalog.

Michael Lynche - "Miss You" B+

A good solid performance from Big Mike, who continues to ham it up like he's on a cruise ship. And somehow it is incredibly entertaining. It was sort of a jazzy arrangement, which suited Mike's powerful voice. I hear this kind of song from Mike and it takes me back about 45 years to the Motown sound - awesome. He has a nice falsetto and the song was in his range. I liked this performance even better the sec…