The Future of Rock 'N Roll

Every generation has their rock 'n roll trends. In the 70's, it was what is now called "classic rock" but at the time was most likely called AOR (album oriented rock), which competed with the birth of punk. In the 80's, new wave bands were popular, alongside NWOBHM (if you don't know what it stands for, don't ask) and hair bands/glam metal. In the 90's, we saw the rise of "grunge" (spare me) and alternative rock.

And what will we remember from the 00's?

Trust me, the easy answer is "nothing". The easy answer is to disparage the music of the last decade as it comes to a close. Well, guess what? Many of the generations before us disparaged the music of the time and longed for the "way things used to be". To say there is no good music currently being written and played is WRONG.

OK, yes, we have the Nickleback effect. Songs by both Theory of a Deadman and Shinedown are virtually indistinguishable from anything Nickleback ever put out. And yes, Nickleback has to be one of the most commericially successful but least creative bands I have ever heard, and no one should be attempting to copy them note for note.

However, newer bands like Kings of Leon, Interpol, Daughtry - and my personal new favorite Lovesick Radio (with members from the now-defunct band Frickin' A - a band I will almost certainly write about later, as I tracked down their debut album on Ebay and am listening to it right now) - are exciting.

So is there a future for rock 'n roll? Certainly. But only if you look for it.


Yankee Talk said…
You should've written more, I like this post!