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Songs I have been listening to excessively lately

* The Spill Canvas - "All Over You"

This is the song I've probably been listening to more than anything else. I am so emo.

In my daydreams, in my sleep, infatuation turning into disease
You could cure me, see all you have to do now is please try

* Fefe Dobson - "Don't Let It Go To Your Head"

* Live - "All Over You"

An amazing live version:

* Jesse McCartney - "How Do You Sleep"
* Chris Isaak - "Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing"
* Kelly Clarkson - "Can I Have A Kiss"
* Carly Smithson - "Just Missed The Train"

* Lovesick Radio - "Boys Don't Matter"

Skid Row: the world's best forgotten band

I was lucky enough to discover Skid Row way back in 2001 - I don't remember how, but I assume from one of those amazing Top 20 shows that VH1 used to put together. ("What's My 20?" was one of my favorites and the ultimate best countdown show ever on television was "Top 40 Hair Bands" hosted by Dee Snider - with Poison at #1 and Twisted Sister at #2 - although since it was hosted by Dee Snider, that may have had something to do with it).

There is something so incredible about Sebastian Bach's voice that it gives me chills every time I listen to a song like "In A Darkened Room", "I Remember You" or "Quicksand Jesus". He is honestly one of the best metal vocalists of all time and my personal (albeit biased) favorite. Sebastian was a force of nature - all hair, leather pants, and the skinniest and sexiest 6'4" guy I have ever seen.

There was no moment where Skid Row sold out - no cheesy power ballads (although who am …

American Idol Season 8 - Results Show: May 20, 2009

I was at a Yankee game/charity benefit when the American Idol results show (aka last episode of the season) and I am just watching the entire thing, start to finish, now. I managed to be surprised when I watched my VHS tape back to see the last 40 or so minutes of the show - luckily no one revealed the winner until I got to see it for myself.

But anyway - here's my review of the show.

American Idol Finale Results Show - May 20, 2009

Top 13 American Idols - "So What" C+
It is kind of entertaining to me the lyrics that the producers chose to omit, but even more amusing to hear the Idols sing "and you're a tool, so what". Whoever came up with the weird jumping choreography for this was sadly misled. However, this is a tolerable performance for a group number and it certainly beats any of the Ford music videos.

David Cook - "Permanent" B
This song is so poignant after his brother's death after a long battle with cancer. I am not sure how he got thr…