American Idol Season 8 - Top 6: April 21, 2009

Top 6 - Disco Night - April 21, 2009

Lil Rounds - "I'm Every Woman" C
This was okay, it was better than her hideous performance of "The Rose" last week. But this week, Lil is singing in the dreaded number one spot (which is often forgotten about by voters). While this performance was vocally OK, Lil didn't stretch herself to hit any notes. She just sang it kind of flat, with no vocal runs or anything interesting. Actually the most interesting thing about this performance was her very 70's black bodysuit. This should be Lil's last week on American Idol.

Kris Allen - "She Works Hard For The Money" A
Contestants like Kris are the reason I watch American Idol - they light up the screen, they are consistently imaginative and exciting to watch. Kris is all these things - and more, because he is the sexiest American Idol contestant this side of Michael Johns. Tonight Kris did what I hoped he'd do - make an acoustic and soulful cover of a disco song. Although his pre-performance banter with Ryan didn't quite reflect it, Kris brought emotion and inflection into the lyrics (which are often glossed over due to the beat and tempo of the song). Great job Kris.

Danny Gokey - "September" C+
One of my favorite disco songs - and all Danny could do was remind me of a wedding singer. Paula was definitely on crack when she said Danny has a sexy voice - I always want to tell him to clear his throat. Oh Danny, I liked you so much during the auditions. Now, I see you as a bit arrogant. You are not guaranteed a spot to the finals! You have to earn it. And you have not, despite the judges' obviously fixed comments!

Allison Iraheta - "Hot Stuff" A-
After the show is over, this was the song stuck in my head! One of the best performances from Allison - she recaptured the magic of her "Give In To Me" performance tonight. I was very impressed and I liked the arrangement. She will hopefully be safe tonight - she certainly deserves a spot on Idol far more than Lil. I haven't downloaded any of her songs since "Give In To Me" but this song will definitely be on my Itunes! Allison has a unique husky and sultry voice that stands out from any one else in the competition. She is nothing if not her own person - and at 16 years old, that is a true accomplishment.

Adam Lambert - "If I Can't Have You" A-
Grandiose and smooth are the two words that come to mind after this performance. Adam has more range than any other singer in this competition. He can go from rocker to balladeer, seemingly with ease. Adam should be on Broadway, he should be a recording artist. Adam has even an unlikely fan in my mom, whose tastes tend more towards Keane and ABBA usually. Adam hit all his notes and sounded amazing.

Matt Giraud - "Stayin' Alive" B-
Oh Matt - why? I am your biggest fan but even I can not excuse this performance. It was okay, I mean, it wasn't a trainwreck. But my heart sank after this performance. His falsetto sounded good and the "aliiiiiiiiiiiiive" part was pretty good too. I will be voting for you tonight, Matt, but I am not sure I can save you. The performance does get better with repeat listening on my Itunes but I'm not going to listen over and over like I have with "Let's Get It On", "So Small" and "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman". Matt can really sing but I was very disappointed with his song choice.

Anoop Desai - "Dim All The Lights" B
A solid, if unexciting performance from Anoop. It started off a little rough with the first note. The new look is working for him - he looked sharp tonight! I hope he will stick around another week, but I do not hold out any hope that he will win this competition. I honestly do not have much to say about this performance. Hopefully being in the "pimp spot" (singing last) will help him out!! The song lyric "turn up the old victrola" cracked me up - when was the last time a victrola was used, 1924?

Best of the night: Kris
Worst of the night: Lil


Yankee Talk said…
Good blog, Disco Night is not relevant for a 2009 competition though.
Yankee Talk said…
I told you posting comments on here can be annoying!

He is Shrek, except much meaner of course.

Game 3 of the 2003 ALCS Clemens threw a ball up and nowhere near Manny's head. Manny, being the goon he is, walked toward the mound with the bat in his hand. This was the game when Pedro went nuts and threw Zimmer to the ground. It was intense!

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