Favorite Bon Jovi songs

This list is way overdue. Although it changes all the time, I wanted to make a list of my top 25 favorite Bon Jovi songs and why. These are most likely in no particular order. I'm going to try to stay away from Jon and Richie's solo albums, although I love them, in favor of band songs.

1. Always (1994)

My all-time favorite song EVER and some may say the band's biggest worldwide hit. Some people say that something changed their life and it's become an overused expression. This song LITERALLY changed my life. And that's just about the highest compliment I could ever give.

2. I'll Be There For You (1988)

A #1 hit for the band off the New Jersey album - it's stunning live when sung by Richie in a bluesy way.

3. Stick To Your Guns (1988)

Album track from New Jersey - my personal anthem, if you will. A cowboy metaphor song at first glance, but so so much more.

4. Let's Make It Baby (1988)

A demo probably for the New Jersey album - very sexy and a fan favorite.

5. Bad Medicine (1988)

Huge #1 hit for the band and my dad's favorite Bon Jovi song. One of my favorite songs to hear live in concert.

6. Bed of Roses (1992)

Bon Jovi's "November Rain" - enough said. A beautiful piano ballad, great guitar solo from Richie, and an amazing video that perfectly illustrates the song.

7. (It's Hard) Letting You Go (1995)

Stunning album track from the These Days album. Devastating but gorgeous.

8. Miss Fourth of July

This song is from the box set; I'd pair it with "Last Chance Train".

9. Last Man Standing

I prefer the faster, uptempo rock version to the slower acoustic version. (One was recorded for the Have A Nice Day album, the other for the boxset.) A great song to see them open with in concert at MSG 2005.

10. Last Chance Train

I think that Joe Perry does the guitar solo on this one. Either way, it's an amazing and lyrically brilliant song.

11. Kidnap An Angel

Beautiful song from the box set. I can't describe it in words.

12. Summertime (2007)

Fun, upbeat song off Lost Highway that is very modern-sounding.

13. Any Other Day (2007)

Very uplifting song from Lost Highway that is perfect for listening to as I drive to work.

14. Never Say Goodbye (1986)

At the first Bon Jovi concert I ever went to (5/20/01) technical difficulties with the keyboard forced the band to take a break while it was repaired. Jon came back out, said "I'm not afraid, hand me a guitar" and Jon and Richie did a beautiful acoustic version of this song that still makes me cry to this day.

15. Backdoor To Heaven (1988)

Demo from the New Jersey album, it's haunting and beautiful with a very raw, husky vocal by Jon.

16. Wedding Day

Demo from These Days - one of THE BEST songs the band has ever recorded. The story of a man watching the woman he loves marry someone else. It is utterly heartbreaking and incredible.

17. Standing (2002)

A demo from Bounce - an album I don't listen too much anymore, but I feel like I would if this song and "No Regrets" had been included. This song is very in your face and awesome.

18. I'd Die For You (1986)

This song is probably one of my favorites off Slippery When Wet. Again, Jon's voice is very raw which only adds to the power of the song.

19. Raise Your Hands (1986)

Just because it is such a fun song live in concert! And it also name-checks New Jersey and Tokyo in the same line. Awesome and very 80's - which, believe me, is a compliment.

20. Blood on Blood (1988)

Absolutely amazing song that brings me to tears each and every time I hear it by the end. The story of three childhood friends makes for an amazing track off of the New Jersey album.

21. I Want You (1992)

From Keep The Faith, I love the actual music of this song; the lyrics are interesting too. A song about a man who finds that money isn't everything after he loses the one he loves.

22. If I Was Your Mother (1992)

Very edgy song off Keep The Faith, it has a very subversive quality to it and even a little sinister. And I like it.

23. We Got It Going On (with Big & Rich) (2007)

Yes it is sort of embarassing that this song is on my list, but I am a sucker for the line "Getting down like Big & Rich and Richie and Jon" EVERY time. From the Lost Highway album.

24. Last Cigarette (2005)

Best track BY FAR off the Have A Nice Day album and one I almost forgot about while making this list. Because love can very much be like smoking cigarettes. And no, I do not mine that sarcastically.

25. Wild In The Streets (1986)

Decided to close off the list with a very very classic Jovi track from Slippery When Wet, which is cocindentally the last track on that album. All the hometown (aka Jersey) pride in this song just warms my heart.


Andrew said…
How did Always change your life.
Meghan said…
Good question!

After I heard that song the first time (beginning of 9th grade), I fell in love with it, downloaded a few Bon Jovi songs on the internet at school and instantly became a fan. Then when I started liking Bon Jovi, I got interested in other bands like Skid Row, Poison, GNR, Aerosmith, etc. from watching numerous VH1 shows such as my all time favorite, "Top 40 Hair Bands" hosted by Dee Snider from Twisted Sister. Now it's 8 1/2 years and twelve Bon Jovi concerts later.

I have to credit that song with discovering not only Bon Jovi but all my favorite bands. It also stands alone in my mind as one of the most amazing songs ever written, sung, or played.