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Most Heartbreaking Songs

Based on this blog post on Entertainment Weekly ( I decided to make my own list of the most heartbreaking songs. The readers on this site posted many good ones, so I thought I'd break my down by genre.

* Brad Paisley - Whiskey Lullaby
* Garth Brooks - More Than A Memory
* Garth Brooks - The Dance

* Bon Jovi - Wedding Day
* U2 - With Or Without You
* Carly Smithson - Just Missed The Train
* Harry Nillson/Badfinger - Without You
* The Verve - The Drugs Don't Work
* The Smiths - Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me
* The Smiths - Unloveable
* Bob Carlisle - Butterfly Kisses
* Bruce Springsteen - The River
* Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
* Ben Harper - Waiting For You
* Sarah McLachlan - Full of Grace
* Death Cab For Cutie - Tiny Vessels

And way too many more to list.

Favorite Bon Jovi songs

This list is way overdue. Although it changes all the time, I wanted to make a list of my top 25 favorite Bon Jovi songs and why. These are most likely in no particular order. I'm going to try to stay away from Jon and Richie's solo albums, although I love them, in favor of band songs.

1. Always(1994)

My all-time favorite song EVER and some may say the band's biggest worldwide hit. Some people say that something changed their life and it's become an overused expression. This song LITERALLY changed my life. And that's just about the highest compliment I could ever give.

2. I'll Be There For You(1988)

A #1 hit for the band off the New Jersey album - it's stunning live when sung by Richie in a bluesy way.

3. Stick To Your Guns(1988)

Album track from New Jersey - my personal anthem, if you will. A cowboy metaphor song at first glance, but so so much more.

4. Let's Make It Baby(1988)

A demo probably for the New Jersey album - very sexy and a fan favorite.

5. Bad Medi…

Britney Spears - "Circus" Album Review

Long overdue is my review of Circus, Britney Spears' latest album released on Dec. 2, 2008.

The album has already sold over 1.1 million copies just in the first month of its release - passing the total sales of her last album, 2007's Blackout which has sold about 900,000 copies since its release. Blackout by no means was a flop, but without ANY promotion except for two sub-par music videos, selling that many copies in an age of illegal downloading is almost an accomplishment in itself. Blackout was actually a great dance album in its own right but lacked that traditional Britney feel to the music.

In order of appearance...

1. Womanizer

By now, Womanizer has broken all sorts of records for Britney - it's her first #1 Hot 100 single since Baby One More Time in 1999; it also made the largest 1-week jump on the Hot 100 in history, from #96 to #1 (again, largely based on digital sales). The song, although repetitive, is incredibly catchy and serves as a kiss-off to a cheating b…