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Bands I love but don't own any of their albums

Because the music industry is dying, there are still many bands that I love, whose music I have all over my Ipod, but I still have never once purchased their CD.

* Taking Back Sunday

I just bought their first album "Tell All Your Friends" (special edition) (2002) at Circuit City's going out of business sale so technically I should not include them here. However, I think their music complements the other bands I've listed.

Part screamo, part rock 'n roll, Taking Back Sunday combines lyrics that are a bit more concrete than their peers like Brand New or even Dashboard Confessional with the hardest rock of all of the bands I've listed. It's unfortunate that the lead singer has now left the band to pursue a solo career, as I can't imagine their music without his trademark voice. Songs from their first two albums were featured on almost every one of my "College Mix" CDs.

Favorite songs: "You're So Last Summer", "There's No …

My favorite album of all time

I thought it was about time I wrote a review of my favorite album EVER, "New Jersey" by Bon Jovi.

This album, released in 1988, went on to sell 7 million copies in the US alone. According to Wikipedia, "New Jersey holds the record for the rock album to spawn the most Top 10 singles, with five singles charting on the Top 10 of the US Billboard Hot 100 Singles Chart. No other hard rock album has since equaled or broken this feat." Of course I had to include some chart trivia with my album review! Of those five Top 10 singles, 2 of them were #1 hits ("Bad Medicine" and "I'll Be There For You").

Interestingly, the band wanted to make this a double album. The record company wouldn't allow it. That means there are dozens of amazing songs that were recorded but never made the cut, including my personal favorites "Backdoor To Heaven", "Let's Make It Baby", and "Now and Forever." WHY did these not make it to the bo…