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2008: Year In Review

Every critic from MTV to Rolling Stone has produced some sort of best of list for the year, so here's mine!

Best Songs of 2008

10. Bret Michaels - "Driven"

I love Bret's new solo album "Rock My World" and I would have bought it except half the songs are the same as one of his previous solo albums (which I have) called "Songs of Life". That's a great album too though. Anyway, this song is a return to a sexy style of rock 'n roll that's definitely missing amongst the Coldplays and Nickelbacks of the world.

9. Heidi Montag - "Fashion"

This song is absolutely ridiculous but somehow amazing. And that's all I can really say without embarrassing myself.

8. Seether - "Rise Above This"

Maybe an odd choice from me, but this song reminded me of an old favorite, "Memory" by Sugarcult, as well as long forgotten about bands like Orgy (who never got the recognition they deserved) and Chevelle (ok maybe no one remembers C…