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Songs/albums I know I shouldn't like but I just can't help it......

Here's a list of a few ultimate guilty pleasures of mine...the list could go on and on but here are some notables....

Rick Astley - "Never Gonna Give You Up" (1987)
#1 Billboard Hot 100 hit

This song is just so addicting, I can't help but listen to it...over and over again. Apparently, 12 1/2 million people who have viewed the video on YouTube agree with me.

Of particular note is the mashup of this song's vocals with the music of Mika's "Happy Ending" the song and particularly its lyrics a haunting, visceral quality. (Listen to that version here:

REM - "Everybody Hurts" (1992)
#29 Billboard Hot 100

"When the day is long...and the night, the night is yours alone....." Man, this song just makes me want to cry sometimes...unless you just embrace it. I once used this song in a documentary in a post-modern ironic sort of way...and by ironic I mean it was half-serious. As I always say, never…

I can't live, if living is without you: A history of "Without You"

"Without You" is probably one of the most covered songs of all time, right up there with "Always On My Mind". Artists as varied as Mariah Carey to Clay Aiken have covered this song, and I am sure there is some post-modern pop-punk cover floating around somewhere out there.

So who sang it best?

Badfinger (1970)

The original singers/songwriters of this song, better known for their song "No Matter What". Their version is a bit clipped and has an unexpected intensity. The most unique version of any I've heard. Unfortunately for this group, Harry Nillson discovered the song on their album and covered it the following became a huge #1 hit and most people remember the Nillson version. Even more sadly, the two main songwriters of the group later committed suicide due to financial struggles and other problems. Gives their version a new poignancy that is heartbreaking.

Harry Nillson (1971)

Nillson's is perhaps the most emotional version of this song…