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Today I decided to make a get-to-the-point list of my favorite songs and albums, just for fun.

Favorite Songs

Bon Jovi (slow): "Always"
fast: "Bad Medicine"

Aerosmith (slow): "Crazy"
(fast): "Love In An Elevator"

Skid Row (slow): "I Remember You"
(fast): "Monkey Business"

Guns 'N Roses (slow): "November Rain"
(fast): "Paradise City"

Carrie Underwood: "Some Hearts"
Taylor Swift: "Should've Said No"

Garth Brooks (slow): "More Than A Memory"
(fast): "Friends In Low Places"

Melissa Etheridge: "Like The Way I Do"
Will Smith: "Wild Wild West"
Matchbox 20: "Back 2 Good"

Bruce Springsteen (slow): "The River"
(fast): "Cover Me"

Favorite Albums

Bruce Springsteen - The River
Meat Loaf - Bat Out Of Hell
Carrie Underwood - Some Hearts
Melissa Etheridge - self titled
Bon Jovi - New Jersey, These Days, Lost Highway
Skid Row - self titled
Britney Spea…

Melissa Etheridge - self titled

While driving home last night and listening to Sirius station #15 Classic Rewind, "Similar Features" by Melissa Etheridge came on the channel. I had absolutely forgotten how much I loved this song and really the entire album. It's from her debut self titled album, released in 1988. Interestingly, I just read that the album as it is sold now was re-recorded in 4 days, as her record label rejected the original cuts of the songs as being too polished.

Absolutely every song on this album is amazing and could have been released as a single. I'm (shockingly) not going to focus on Billboard chart positions or RIAA certifications in this post (although the album went multi-platinum [how vague!] if you're wondering).

Here's the tracklisting:
1. Similar Features
2. Chrome Plated Heart
3. Like The Way I Do
4. Precious Pain
5. Don't You Need
6. The Late September Dogs
7. Occasionally
8. Watching You
9. Bring Me Some Water
10. I Want You

Now that all that technical stuff is out of…

2008: Single Reviews

Fall Out Boy - "I Don't Care"

This song is incredibly catchy, although like every other new song - the chorus gets a little repetitive by the end of the songs. Typical - but great - Fall Out Boy lyrics add some punch. It's truly unfortunate that Fall Out Boy are such sub-par live performers, as their studio recordings are so good. It's hard to predict how this song will perform on the charts [the only stat I could find was that it has hit #35 on the Canadian Hot 100] - but does it even matter? Their rabid fans will eat it up immediately, and they're probably guaranteed a #1 album debut when the album is released Dec. 16. It was pushed back from the original Nov. 4/Election Day release due to an esoteric statement from Pete Wentz....I'm sure their fans are angry about it. "These friends, they don't love you/They just love the hotel suites now"...this song is either a commentary on a specific individual or the state of Hollywood starlets in g…

If I Was Your Vampire

After watching the full length trailer for the "Max Payne" movie (which coincidentally is playing on TV as I write this) I was enthralled by the song playing in the background. On a side note, "Max Payne" looks like a bigger budget rip off of "The Crow" (which will forever be associated with Brandon Lee's tragic death on the set...but what a performance, what a legacy he left everyone of the most haunting and visceral movies I have ever seen, it is amazing).

The song is a little known Marilyn Manson track called "If I Was Your Vampire" off a CD he released last year (that was released to little fanfare, as I hadn't heard anything about it, and it only sold 200,000 copies).

A link to watch a fan made video with the song in the background (the song's video is mysteriously not on YouTube):

Anyway, the song is gorgeous. It's dark and deep, and not exactly earthshattering material fr…

Guns' N Roses: Appetite For Destruction (Album Review)

I read on "Ask Billboard" today that "Appetite for Destruction" by Guns 'N Roses has surpassed Boston's self-titled album as best selling debut album of all time. Previously the RIAA had certified Appetite at 15 million copies, and Boston's album at 17 million, but just recently on September 23rd, "Appetite" was certified at an astonishing 18 million copies sold...and that's just in the US.

That's incredible. And what's more incredible is that this album is still selling, without the band touring today or even still existing. (I do not count Axl's weird version of GNR as the band existing...does anyone?? It really should be called Axl Rose is a Wacko...but that doesn't sound too catchy does it?)

Here's the tracklisting:

"Appetite for Destruction" (released July 1987)
1. Welcome to the Jungle 4:34
2. It's So Easy 3:23
3. Nightrain 4:29
4. Out Ta Get Me 4:24
5. Mr. Brownstone 3:49
6. Paradise City 6:46
7. …

Women In Music

Getting away from my commentary on the music industry, I decided I would review some of the newest songs by women being released to radio and discuss their likelihood of success.

Britney Spears - "Womanizer"

Arguably, this single is the most buzzed about of any released recently. Will Britney be able to finally make a comeback? This very well might be the song that allows her to do just that. It's repetitive but a little less so than "Gimme More" (the first single off her last album "Blackout"). It slinks along with a dance beat you'd expect to hear at an underground club. Britney's vocals are - as usual - computer-enhanced but she does seem to be singing with a bit more emotion than the Blackout album where her love songs were sung in the same manner as songs about sex in the back of a dingy club. (Or at least that was the image I got from them.) "Womanizer" is a bit more sassy, it's the sound of Britney standing up for herself. …