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The Year In Review: 2018

2018 was a banner year for me. Despite cries of all new music being terrible (and yes, a lot of it is - looking at Post Malone and Florida Georgia Line specifically), there were some real gems released this year. Enough to include a few runners-up!

Runner Ups The Struts – “In Love With A Camera” An over-the-top, bombastic blast of British rock that hasn’t been this good since The Darkness. The trope of girl-obsessed-with-fame has been done many times from “Fallen Angel” by Poison to “Lucky” by Britney Spears, but it’s never sounded this carefree. The Struts played the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show with their song “Body Talks,” but this one wins for the perfect mix of passion, power, and good old fashioned glam rock n’ roll. Proving rock isn’t dead in 2018.
Makes sure the light’s only hitting her good side / Ain’t just the flash that will knock me blind

Sabrina Carpenter – “Sue Me” A slinky kiss-off to an ex that made her life hell and then hated on her for moving on. A song that starts …

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